Primally Pure Deodorant Review [Is It Worth It?!]

I am by nature a skeptic. I also run an online business that involves promotion of products and affiliate links. The combination of not trusting most things off the bat and seeing the dark side of influencer marketing means I pretty much dismiss any super popular trend I’m seeing people promoting on Instagram/blogs/Youtube. I understand marketing budgets, influencer marketing, direct sales and what drives people to promote things. It’s also my job and how I make a living. What a fun conundrum, right?! In some ways I feel like this is also a huge benefit. I have the opportunity to put products to the test and share the honest truth about their hype. I’ve heard from so many of you who appreciated my review of Beautycounter and why it is not the best thing since sliced bread (seriously guys there is so much better cleaner beauty than Beautycounter!) so in 2020 I’m going to take my skepticism seriously and share whether the products you’re seeing influencers promoting all.the.time are actually worth it. Today we’re talking Primally Pure Deodorant because let me tell you guys, for the longest time I did not understand why every single person was talking about this […]

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