Health and Fitness Visionary Dr. Jeremy James Launches The FITFOREVER Platform

As 2020 has indeed proven to be an unrelenting year of challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, government mandated quarantines, the economic collapse, and more, now more than ever, Americans are realizing the importance of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. While the year has forced many business owners to reevaluate their companies and businesses, Colorado-based health and fitness visionary, Dr. Jeremy James saw the disadvantages of 2020 as an opportunity to reexamine how he could help optimize the performance and physical activity of Americans everywhere and recognized the demand for a safe and effective exercise program that people could utilize at home. With this, he developed FITFOREVER, the first of its kind, digital fitness platform that is completely customized to a user’s body and can be performed from home.

As many might have realized during quarantine, the current landscape for digital fitness programs revealed how most approaches enlist a one-size-fits-all style of for training. Though it may work for some, for others, an approach like this often leads to injuries and inefficient workouts. In light of this realization, Dr. James along with his team of health and medical experts designed FITFOREVER to serve its users with a personalized fitness program that meets their needs, abilities, goals, and equipment availability.

With an extensive background in chronic back pain and human biomechanics, Dr. James is known for his best-selling book The Younger Next Year Back Book as well as two other programs, BACKFOREVER and GOLFFOREVER. After designing these two programs as a way to help people regain mobility and retrain the body to move freely without pain in the back or body, Dr. James saw huge success rates within his client base. With the foundation of his two prior programs, the fitness expert parlayed this expertise into FITFOREVER, with its focus being a comprehensive digital fitness platform that ranks helping users feel great as a top priority.

“Our method is simple,” says Dr. James. “At FITFOREVER, our focus is on building a highly functional body that feels great. Looking good is just a wonderful side effect.”

Through a personal assessment test, the program is the first of its kind, as it builds out a workout plan specifically designed to cater to each user’s body type, physical capabilities and goals. The program also takes into consideration things like pre-existing pain and injuries as well as the type of workout equipment a user has available to use. With daily-guided workout videos, users will enjoy their customized fitness plan as they begin their journey to building a strong foundation of physical activity and health, something Dr. James intends for all FITFOREVER members. While most existing digital fitness resources and platforms focus solely on aesthetic, FITFOREVER is one of the first to prioritize longevity and overall wellness.

“I saw a need to provide consumers with an educational foundation for greater mobility and healthy living,” says Dr. James. “My goal for FITFOREVER is to create a fitness platform backed by and with access to medical professionals so consumers of all ages feel good and remain healthy and fully functional.”

Experience what a personalized fitness program can do for you, members can try for free for 7 days and cancel anytime. A risk-free program financially and physically, trust the experts!

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