My First Time Trying Kosas

Trying out Kosas clean cruelty free makeup

There are Kosas billboards all over the area where I live. I keep hearing about them via social media and fellow influencers. They are achieving quite the Queen Bee status lately. Their products are known for being extremely clean, as well as Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free. Kosas sent me some makeup samples to review, so I put them to the test!

Valentine’s Day is coming up so yesterday I had my hair guru, Patricia Lynn Laas, come by to give me a cut and color. We used Ekoeh (in Dark Brown), because, since getting my thyroid cancer diagnosis, I’m all about that non-toxic hair dye! After getting my hair refresh, I started thinking about what makeup I would wear for V-Day. Since I needed to test out my new Kosas haul anyway, I thought that would be the perfect option to keep with the “clean beauty” theme.

I tried a sampling of Kosas products including lipsticks, lip oil, lip treatment, liquid eyeshadows, and blush/highlighter palettes. I like the easy-going, not overly made-up vibe of the brand. Sometimes I like to go hardcore glam, but 95% of the time, I want EASY to use natural-looking makeup.

Kosas Weightless Lip Color moisturizing cruelty free lipstick

The Kosas Weightless Lip Color lipsticks are really nice. They glide on easily, and they are very moisturizing, which is exactly what I was hoping for. My lips are ALWAYS dry, so moisture is a must for me. The hydrating formula includes shea butter, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, mango seed butter, cocoa seed butter, green tea seed oil, and other ingredients you would expect to find in a skin oil or serum.

Kosas Rosewater lipstick swatch

Kosas Undone lipstick swatch

I tried Rosewater (a light, cool pink nude color) and Undone (a more bold, toasted neutral pink shade). Rosewater is the perfect “no makeup” lipstick, and Undone is a nice shade that I will wear often. I wear a lot of reds, so it will be good to have something a little less bold, but still unique and interesting.

Kosas 10 Second Eye Shadow

I tried Kosas 10-Second Eye Shadow in Globe (light copper) and 333 (a shimmery violet). I think I expected these to be more creamy, but they are actually more of a liquid that dries fairly quickly. They dry fast, but not so fast that you don’t have time to blend them with a fingertip or brush. You can start sheer and add more coats to get the level of color you want. I love the monochromatic eye look. It’s super easy. You can add eyeliner if you want, or just go natural with a wash of a single color. I would love to see them add a more champagne color to the lineup.

Kosas Color & Light blush and highlighter palettes

The Color & Light palettes are SO pretty! You can get a cream or powder formula (I went for the powder since I’m oily). And the powder palettes come in regular or high intensity (for bolder looks or darker skin tones). I tried the regular Papaya 1972 (coral blush with golden highlight) and Longitude Zero (medium pink blush with pink highlight).

Kosas Color & Light blush and highlighter palette swatches

I really like these. I found these colors to be super flattering on my skin tone, and very easy to blend. The color payoff is very good, and they aren’t overly shimmery (no glitter chunks).

Kosas lip oil review

KosaSport Lip Fuel lip balm review

KosaSport Lip Fuel lip treatment review

Kosas has two lip treatments – one is a glossy lip oil and one is a standard matte lip balm. Which one you choose really depends on what kind of texture you prefer. They both come in tinted and non-tinted versions. The lip oil is shiny like a lip gloss, with a citrusy-vanilla scent. It doubles as a treatment since it’s made with hyaluronic acid, peptides, evening primrose oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and konjac root. It’s one of the least sticky lip glosses I’ve tried, but it still has a bit of a tacky texture to it. The Lip Fuel lip balm has a matte finish, with a mint flavor. It’s made with hyaluronic acid, Vit E, and konjac root to create a protective, moisturizing barrier on your lips. I prefer the Lip Fuel, but I’ve never been a gloss girl!

Kosas cruelty free makeup

Overall, I’m really loving Kosas! In the pic above, I’m wearing Undone lipstick, Longitude Zero blush/highlighter, and Globe eyeshadow. Have you tried anything from Kosas that you loved? What should I try next? Leave me a comment below and tell me all about it!

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