What is Sugaring Hair Removal? [Natural Waxing Alternative]

This post has been writing itself for at least 8 years. As a die-hard sugaring addict (or as much as you can be “addicted” to hair removal) I’ve been singing the praises of sugaring since my first experience with this natural hair removal in NYC. I stumbled upon it by accident. The studio where I normally got waxed was having a special on sugaring and given that I’m never one to shy away from a deal, I went for it. Since then I’ve never looked back. So what is sugaring hair removal? Why get sugaring over waxing? Does it hurt less? Is it more sustainable? It’s time we talk all things sugaring and dispel the myths from the truth. *quick note: hair removal is such a personal thing. Not everyone removes their body hair, nor should they have to. You do you, my friends wherever you want to grow or remove it! What is Sugaring Hair Removal? Sugaring, like waxing is a non-permanent form of hair removal for body hair. It is actually an ancient technique that has been used for much longer than waxing. Unlike wax which is generally made up of a synthetic formula applied either hot or […]

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