The Best of Clean Beauty 2019

the best of clean beauty 2019

What a year it has been! Earlier on the in year I launched the Clean Beauty 5 x 5 where I reviewed 5 products (sometimes more!) from the same product category (i.e. foundation, mascara, concealer etc…) to see if they could last all day…kind of! Lipstick and eyeshadow never lasts on me so I just talked about the products I loved. In the end I tired over 10 different tests, 50+ products and many holy grail and total flop products along the way. 2019 has proven to be an incredible year for clean beauty and I have discovered some products that I’m pretty sure I will use for the rest of my life. To close out the year and the clean beauty 5 x 5 I’m sharing a full face makeup look with all my favorite products from each category and highlighting the best of clean beauty 2019. I should add that this does not mean these products were released in 2019 (though some were), they are simply discoveries of mine this year. 2020 will be full of new product releases and experiments so I hope this can stand as a time capsule of sorts showing what I loved in […]

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