The Best Natural Blushes

After testing out blushes for a week, I honestly have no clue why I don’t throw a little color on my cheeks more often? Blush makes my skin look instantly alive. Dull winter skin? Not anymore with blush! It brings life, warmth and a healthy glow to our complexion. I had no idea I needed it but you better believe I’ll be reaching for blush more often now! Before we dive into the best natural blushes (there are a lot of them!) I wanted to go over how to choose which color of blush for your skin tone and application tips… because thankfully application has advanced since the 90s. (100% worth the 5+ minutes to go watch this…) What color of blush is best for my skin tone? First things first, I want you to know there are no rules in makeup. Have fun, experiment and wear whatever color of makeup you want. That’s the beauty of makeup! Having said that, if you are new to makeup or don’t want to experiment, there are some basic color principles that are helpful with blush. If you have a fair skin tone – Light pinks and peaches will look really natural on you. […]

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